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      The CEO of Jemstone Cosmetics is a professional Makeup artist. Her full name initials are J.E.M, which was her childhood nick name and is where the "gemstone" concept originates. After freelancing and working in retail stores for the past 5 years, she decided to start her own business in 2018. Her eyebrows has always been her staple and the area of makeup she’s most passionate about. Therefore, she wanted her first makeup product to cater to that passion. 


    The complaints her clients would mention about other eyebrow products were in mind when Brow Bond™ was created to guarantee a better option. Many people have trouble finding a pomade with the correct color, texture and consistency. Brow bond brings those worries to and end. All of our shades are universal, meaning one shade can look extremely different on different people because it adapts to everyones individual skin tone and hair color. The texture is creamy so it can glide on smoothly and then it dries matte for a long lasting & natural finish. The consistency is the same from your first bonding to your last! Choose your stone today and find your Hidden Jem! 

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